“I was always skeptical of chiropractic, and thought it really only benefited back pain. After having a Chiropractor help me through a terrible health crisis, I realized that when done well, it is an extremely powerful tool for health and healing.”

Dr. Jeff Watson



After graduating from Southwest Minnesota State University with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Exercise Science, Dr. Jeff studied to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the NSCA, to help him better learn muscle, ligament, and tendon recovery and healing, along with rehabilitation for specific injuries.
Finally, Dr. Jeff attended Northwestern Health Sciences University  to receive his Chiropractic education and training. He spent time observing and working with many different types of Chiropractors. In addition, Dr. Jeff sought out many different techniques and assessments to learn what works best for certain conditions and find out how to achieve full correction for these conditions.
“realized it is very difficult determining who is the best fit to help you with your health concerns. As a Chiropractor Sioux Falls, we want the fastest relief but also a long term solution, and finding the right provider can be hard.” 

Why I Believe In Chiropractic Care

 At the age of 14, I struggled with a serious health crisis. Many months of no relief and failed treatments passed, including a trip to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Dozens of doctors and specialists could not figure out any solutions, and the problem was getting worse – that is until a family friend referred us to a chiropractor for help.
“I remember wondering, ‘why would I see a Chiropractor?’ I was sick, fatigued, had no strength, and could barely make it through a day at school. I didn’t have back pain, how could a Chiropractor help?” Against my personal opinion, we went. And good thing we did.
Not long after my health had fully recovered, and ever since that experience I’ve had the goal of doing the same for other people by using the highest quality of chiropractic care.

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Hannah grew up on a farm in Milbank, South Dakota. She met Dr. Jeff Watson during Confirmation class at Saint John Catholic Church in Ortonville, MN, and they soon after became high-school sweethearts. After graduation Hannah attended South Dakota State University for Nutrition; after getting married to Dr. Watson, she transferred to the University of Minnesota St. Paul to continue to broaden her nutritional knowledge. On June 22, 2015, Hannah and Jeff were blessed with a baby boy, Leo.

Hannah has a passion for dietary wellness and enjoys helping people overcome their health obstacles. She is excited to help you with your health concerns!



Hello I’m Brandy,

I am the office manager and front desk receptionist for Dynamic Spine Chiropractic
Health Center.
I enjoy being part of the Dynamic Spine Chiropractic team and working alongside Dr.
Jeff because it allows me to continue to grow and strengthen my knowledge for
chiropractic care along with allowing me to build relationships while helping others by
creating inspiration for not only myself but also others while working towards optimal
As a married mother of 3 and grandmother of 3 creating and obtaining a balancing act
of order to help balance out life’s everyday chaos can be challenging at times, but with
20 + years child development and administrative management experience it makes it a
bit easier.

I look forward to working with you on your journey to create, reach and obtain your

optimal health care needs and goals!!